Sunday, December 19, 2010

Online Streaming of the 2010 Christmas Thing. 7pm (EST) Today

Click here for details on Christmas Things past.

Update 12/19, 8 pm:  Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to the Lighting stream.  I hope the audio levels were alright. As is usually the case, we had to scramble our plans a bit at the last minute and improv - but that's par for the course. 

As I said, this Thing is our own take on the televised yule log.  I'll be streaming the piece each night through  Christmas. 

I neglected to mention that the music your listening to now, and which was the intro and outro for the broadcast is called Latin Surf, courtesy of einLab.  Not exactly xmasy, but a catchy little groove.

Also, if you're into ice cream treats, check out my co-host Frits' company St Clair Ice Cream.  They're bite sized morsels of tasty tasty ice cream and sorbet.  I can attest that they are a hit at events and parties.

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