Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Digs

Angelika Rinnhofer, Kitchen drawer installation 2007

After about three weeks of moving and unpacking, we are pretty much installed in our new abode. Our new place is big enough to allow both Angelika and myself to do some artmaking, so consequently, we have left Spire Studios where we had our workspaces for nearly three and a half years.

The move has not taken us far; we are just across the street from Spire, and we can see the building from our front porch. For times over the past several weeks, though, we might as well have been much farther away, as I realized that I hadn't had contact with folks with whom I had nearly daily interactions for several years, like Kathy Feighery, Matt Kinney, Alexis Elton and Todd Spire. Fortunately, the haze of moving is fading, and the several months long hiatus from diligent work is ending. Things are reassuming their natural place, and if I need to check in on what's shaking at Spire, I just need to look both ways before crossing.

Icci's favorite, but shortlived perch.