Sunday, January 15, 2006

Paintings at O II Restaurant.

These are images of a few of the paintings that I currently have on view at O II in Beacon. A reception will be scheduled in the near future. There are a total of five paintings in the restaurant, and all but one are at least 5 ft in dimension. The two pieces above are almost 6 ft high, and 8 ft long. I think the scale of the paintings in relation to the space works well, and as I stated before, I'm really pleased with how they look in this place.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Admissions and Resolutions

Ok, the only admission that I have is the my web site is sorely in need of an update. I have plenty of new work that can, and should be put on the site in the near future. I'm trying to coach myself into the position of being able to manage the site on my own....that will be a longer term project.

On the side of resolutions, I have resolved to simply be more organized in how I deal with all of the stuff that is apart from picking up a paintbrush. That means documenting work more consistently, and any number of things. I think I'm off to a good start. I'm currently shooting slides of a group of drawings that I had been doing at the end of 2004. I think I posted a couple images here on the blog....I'll try to find them.
Another resolution is to make this blog still more fluid, and immediate with items and new work as it comes up.

We made a trip down to NYC last week, and there are some thoughts on that I'll post this week. Also, the bau 12 exhibit is over and I removed by pieces, and returned my key to the space yesterday. I'll be posting some thoughts on the forming, and leaving bau, perhaps in the week's end.

Also yesterday, thanks to Todd Spire, I installed some pieces over at OII restaurant, and they look pretty damn good there. They seem as if they really belong there.

Finally, Tyler Green at MAN gave a plug, yesterday, for my maykr blog, and that gave me a thrill.