Friday, July 28, 2006


Work schedule, events and trying to keep somewhat up to date on maykr have led me to neglect this blog as of late. I was fortunate to spend an amazingly full day in the studio last Saturday, and a good amount of time on Sunday as well. I'll be posting a few images from my activities on those days.

We are in the final stages of organizing the 2006 installment of Windows on Main St in Beacon.

The Dutchess County Arts Council has done an artist profile on me this week which is featured on their website, and in Benjamin Krevolin's weekly column in the Taconic Weekend.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Catching Up

Loads of obligations had me running from the end of May through the entire month of June. A painting gig, and a couple of gigs installing exhibitions at ICP, and the CCS at Bard College were all jammed together.
I'm now just getting a chance to take stock.

So we opened the Change of Altitude show at Spire on June 23. This is the one half of an exhibit exchange between various artists of Beacon, and the artist members of EDGE Gallery in Denver. There are nearly 20 artists from each group participating in the shows. The exhibit of Beacon art is called New York Expansion. Both exhibits will be on view through July 16. The main gist of the shows was to create work that can fit, and be shipped in USPS Flat Rate Priority boxes, and then expand when installed.
I'll be posting a couple of images of both exhibits here shortly. There will also be images posted at

This is my contribution to the NY Expansion show, Flat Rate Valise. I used the priority box as the container, and the structure for the piece. The elements were glued to the box, which was sliced open, and unfolded after arriving in Denver.

Now my attention has shifted to preparations for the Windows on Main St project here in Beacon. This is the 2nd year for the project, and we are a little ahead of where we were last year, but not as far as I was hoping we'd be. I'm excited to see this project grow in the coming years. Basically, artists are creating installations in storefront windows along Main St. Eventually, I'd like to see this become sort of a non-event - meaning that instances like this simply occur as a matter of course in town, and they don't have to stand as some unique event.

With a break in work, I've been able to reestablish a studio schedule within the last 10 days. I'm really feeling the potential of small things, and enjoying a sense of open ended exploration with the melange of items that I've stockpiled in the studio. The way that I'm currently feeling in the studio is much like my feelings of last year as I was preparing for my bau 6 show. This sensation is exciting, and a bit of a trip, and rare for me. I really hit a zone last year preparing for that show. The exhibit was a great impetus, and set the conditions for the kind of exploration that I was doing, but ultimately, the pressure of "finishing" work, and setting up the exhibit cut the momentum off at the knees. Essentially, if you cast off the mechanations of this past year, it's almost like the momentum has not been lost, and I'm picking up where I left of.