Friday, February 25, 2011

Eye Candy Friday: Separated at Adolescence

My assistant editor for EFC came across these photographs (via by Irina Werning that reunite her subjects with their younger selves by crafting present day recreations of their childhood photos.  Many of them are very funny and the detail of replication is pretty spectacular in some.

Extending a thread of thought....

So Werning's project is a sort of temporal displacement of twins within a self.  This photo by André Kertész (via the very fine artboobs) projects an expression of the simultaneously conjoining of the self over and over and over again.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Small @ Hudson Beach Glass, through March 20

Small, the exhibit curated by Jennifer Mackiewicz at Hudson Beach Glass will remain on view through March 20.  Here are some pics from the exhibit:
Claire Lofrese, After 24 Colors for Blinky by Imi Knoebel, 2011

Gerda van Leeuwen, Insects Caught (on wall) with porcelain sculptures

Jill Reynolds, Ancestor, Recollection, Memorandum, 2000

 John Allen, Promise, 2011

Deborah Davidovits, Mended Pegasus, 2002 and Mended Cat and Dog, 2002

Above: a selection of my white board paintings and collages.; check it out, 2011

Above, rocker, by me with, above and below, Kirsten Kucer's
 Postcards from Another Place, 2011

 Greg Slick's Maya, 2010 entails a video feed of a bedscape beamed from the cot to a monitor.

 Susan Magnus, Untitled, 2002

 Susan Walsh Residue of Gesture Series: Shelf in Rusty Garden Shed, 2009

 Peter Yamoaka Giorgio Morandi: Natura Morte, 2009. Above, a set of his Dioramas

 Kazumi Tanaka, Separation, 2002

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carla Goldberg on the kork board through the end of February

Play, 2010 ink on paper, lights
Carla Goldberg's Play has been providing a sort of light therapy to the office of Bailey Browne & Assoc. while encouraging members of the staff not to work too hard.  Goldberg's work which has been installed at kork since the beginning of the year remains on view through the end of this month.
Here's the text of the press release:
The dead of winter, can strain the patience and cheer of even the most jovial of individuals and, at about this time of year, extreme bouts of cabin fever start to be distracting.  Weather such as we've experienced this season in NY can aggravate the general imbalance of life and work that Carla Goldberg’s kork artwork speaks to.  Play, 2010 is an emphatic exhortation to the staff of Bailey Browne CPA & Assoc. to not to work too hard - in their own words.  The artist collected writing samples from every staff member.  The phrase “All work and no play makes _____ a dull boy (or girl)” was penned by each staff member in his or her own hand, filling in his or her own name in the phrase.  The written samples were then copied multiple times by the artist and layered densely to form one incessant mantra backlit by blinking white Christmas lights which serve to make the singular message even more assertive.
Are these the words the waning echo of a New Year’s resolution gone dormant - one our inner voice quite let go of yet?  Is the blinking light a cheery alleviation of the season’s shortened daylight, or an unstopping, pulsating drone that recalls the excess of the holiday season recently passed?  
Our society’s most popular self help gurus teach that one must manifest the reality one desires, and a first step along that manifestation is often writing messages of affirmation and encouragement to oneself - repeatedly so.  And it is through that repetition of the message (the shining example of Jack Nicholson aside) that the desired new reality can take hold.  By most accounts, this may be true of the art work’s message to staff to not work so hard as to exclude a little fun (even in the midst of tax season,) with perhaps the exception of Robert, whose office looks directly onto the flashing kork board and who has reported on the slightly unsettling effect of those flashing lights.
We can only hope Spring arrives real soon.

Up next on kork:  James Westwater for March and April.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Eye Candy Friday: Unprotected Techs

This week's selection comes to us via  Building the Perfect BeastDead Drop is an offline file sharing network created by Aram Bartholl during his residency at Eyebeam in October, 2010.  The street level guerrilla  nature of this form of sharing and communicating is appealing.  I see a whole sci fi analog to the project, one in which a wormhole onto a plane of virtual space(information) can be accessed by the enlightened on an otherwise unremarkable streetscape.
I am given pause, however,  when I consider the prospect of laying bare one's USB port to any cyber sailor looking to dip his wick or some nefarious goodfornothing out for a cheap thrill who could, intentionally or not, give your computer scabies.
On the other hand, as the Bad Idea Jeans commercial says,  "....But then I thought, when am I going to make it back to Haiti."

Dead Drops 'How to' - NYC from aram bartholl on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Franz West in the Sun & Snow

A view of Franz West's sculptures Couch, Mercury and Laube in the snow outside of the Hessel Museum.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Eye Candy Friday: Film-Strip Tease

Here is your moment of....Winter?  For those not getting enough...
Angelika is working on a project part of which, since September, entails hanging strips of developed 35mm film from any vertical structure available in the yard.
This here footage was filmed in January on a day after yet another accumulation of snow and the wind was gently but persistently teasing image laden streamers..
The background audio is from a talk I was listening to by Pete Favat for the SVA Designer As Author Series.
Just so you know, this video is about 15 mins. long - and nothing really happens in it.  Enjoy.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Small - opening at Hudson Beach Glass, Feb 12, 2011

I will have some work included in an exhibit curated by Jennifer Mackiewicz called Small at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, NY.  The exhibit opens on Saturday, Feb 12 with a reception from 6-9pm and will continue through March 20. 
The show includes some other mighty fine artists like: John Allen, Deborah Davidovits, Kirsten Kucer, Gerda Van Leeuwen, Claire Lofrese, Susan Magnus, Jill Reynolds, Greg Slick, Kazumi Tanaka Susan Walsh and Peter Yamaoka.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Upcoming speaker schedule at Vassar College's Art Dept.

For those interested, here is the schedule of upcoming events and speakers which will be gracing Vassar's Art Dept this Spring:

February 2 Tuesday African Art – Zoe Strother.   Postponed - to be rescheduled

February 15, Tuesday, time - 5:30 or thereabouts, T203 or T102 - a Lehman Loeb speaker, cosponsored by the Art Department. (Tina Barney)

February 24, Thursday 5 - 6:30 pm, T203 (Clarissa Sligh)

March 1, Tuesday 5:30 p m, (Carrie Moyers)

April 4 Monday - 5 - 6:30 pm, T203 (Barbara Boehm)

April 6, Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm, Rose Parlor (a reception and informal discussion with Aaron Fein, Dahlia Lithwick and heather Raffo on Interdisciplinary Art)

April 8, Friday 3-4:30p.m, Sanders 212, (panel discussion with Aaron Fein and Dahlia Lithwick, on Creative Expression and Free Speech)

April 8, Friday 5-7:00 pm, Frances Fergusson Quad, (official opening for White Flags Installation).

April 21, Thursday, 5 or 5:30, T203, (Peter Eleey)

In vassar related news, it looks like Matthew Slaats and I will be producing and hosting a weekly art related radio show called the Dead Hare Radio Hour on Vassar's radio station 91.3 FM WVKR.  Stay tuned for details.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Eye Candy Friday: Refined Sweetness

Eye Candy Friday, a one time frequent feature at is back. Starting today, I'll be posting visual treats every friday from here on out. The complete archive of ECF posts can be found at MAYKR.

This is Friday.  This is your Candy:

Up this week is the new Google Art Project which is a site that culls selections of works from 17 art museums from around the world. The site brings the google street view technology to bear on certain galleries and halls of some of the finest galleries out there.

There's never a substitute for viewing artwork in person, but this project goes along way in bringing the ambiance of some of these galleries home if you can't make to the actual locations. These works are seen in context with their neighbors.  Trolling through the galleries evoke a semblance of the experience of travelling through the physical spaces.  There are some galleries in the Met's section which are jarringly washed out, otherwise the quality of image is fairly decent.  I'm digging sitting here on the sofa, traipsing around the galleries of the Gemäldegalerie seeking out a few of the paintings that struck me when I was there the Summer before last.

I certainly don't need an excuse to be on the computer for any longer than I do already, but it can be rewarding time, as long as you're there. I expect to use the art project for my own research....which may well end up in some form in my work down the road.

I also expect the website will be informing future ECFs.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Golden Oldies/ Buried Treasure

Rooting around in my Denver storage area to prepare for the works on paper trunk sale I held at Michele Mosko Fine Art in August, I uncovered loads of small works on paper that hadn't seen the light of day  for some time. Here are images of a few them:

charcoal on paper, 8"x10"
The first of a series of studies for a larger scaled illustration of stories told to me
by folks I encountered while travelling.

 pastel on vinyl
A segment of another illustrated story.

Works created in Switzerland in 1992:

drypoint, 1992, 5"x8"
One of two prints I created using a small press in the studio of Henri Presset.

charcoal on paper, 1992, 28"x22"

Versions of my view out of the kitchen on Rue De Montchoisy

pastel on paper, 1992
A variation on my favorite street scape in Geneva.

pencil, oil pastel on paper, 1993

Remnants of my time in Miami Beach:
Meditations on the liquid horizon, 1995.

 An homage to Beuys using the dregs after a party @ Sarah Lawrence College, 1992.

self portrait, ink on paper, 1995

watercolor, spraypaint, 1997

watercolor, spraypaint, 1997

watercolor, 1998

 watercolor, 1998

Not everything in my trove of treasures was created by me.
 There are several examples of narrative maps that folks have made for me.  This one, by Cheryl Bainum, tells of travels through the American Southwest.

This portrait of me done by a mystery woman in a park in Geneva gave birth to a portrait project that I carried around on my back for two years in the form of two sketchpads. This project, which I intend to digitize this year entailed portraits of and by some 95 people....

 The crown jewel of my collection was found behind a drawer of a dresser in Miami Beach.  Simple, direct, obsessive.  All the stuff of really great art.

Finally, not all of the gems uncovered in storage belonged to me.  Icci's inner kitten broke through the surface playing with this long forgotten toy.drawing her to play like she hadn't done in recent years.