Thursday, July 11, 2013

Year to year

It's been haht. Too hot, of late, and this heat has driven my mind back to a year ago, when at this moment then, I was in the middle of a short residency in the middle of a small island in Maine.
Relief from external matters and from seasonal climatic ones too.   Warm but dry by day and refreshingly crisp, if not chilly by night.  The ideal settings for Summer.

Here I'm looking back to that moment and the time spent with new found friends with a few images of that setting on Norton Island.

At top is an image of a painted papier mache "buoy" that I'm expected to have cast in iron during a public iron pour & party happening in Beacon, NY on July 20. 

rock and foam

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

To be seen and heard

The week before last, I began seeing the cicadas. This after three or four weeks of hearing, but not seeing them.

Surprisingly, the cumulative effect of the cicadas' chirps, as heard in an open space, were that of a distant Star Trek phaser from Star Trek being constantly discharged.  That chirp was quite different, sharp and cutting when heard from a close proximity.

These three cicada wings were left on our front walk.  I haven't seen signs of any since.