Sunday, January 30, 2005

b a u happenings

I'm currently in Denver, working on some projects, and will be back in NY in about a week.
Our first b a u opening was enjoyable, and successful, and getting ready for it was exhausting. Two days later, I was on the road, heading west, still battling a little jetlag from returning from Europe. I managed to nap through some heavy weather in the midwest, and dodge what apparantly were some very treacherous conditions. Between the Mississippi, and Des Moines (a distance of about 200 miles,) I counted over 60 cars on the side of the road, 9 jacknived semis, and one large box truck on its side. I was pretty fortunate to have slept for those two hours in that Super 8 parking lot.

So, I have been away from alot of the activity surrounding b a u. I am anxious to get back. Our next show should be very interesting, and exciting. We've invited 2 artists from Beacon, and 2 from across the river to show. All of these artists in one way or another use computer technology to create their work, but their results are very different from one another. There are different things happening within the art communities of each city, and I'm hoping to explore the things that distinguish the two cities with a discussion that will accompany the exhibit. Check out the b a u site for more info. We'll be having a film screening at bau on the fourth of Feb. that unfortunately I'll miss. It'll be good to get back. In the meantime, I'll post somethings I've found interesting out here in Denver...