Sunday, October 12, 2008

My interview on

I recently did an interview with, an art website based out of Jacksonville Fla. Over at maykr, I've posted details about the struggle that Globatron founder Byron King is facing, and the effort to lend a hand.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art in the office of Bailey Browne CPA and Assoc. and launch of kork

A current installation of work by Michael Pilon (l&r) and my own in the center.

Over the past several years, I've installed various selections of artists' work in the offices of Bailey Browne CPA & Associates. Deborah Bailey Browne, the firms principal has been very supportive of our efforts to tinker with the context of art in an office.

Deborah and her firm is a recipient of the 2008 Dutchess County Executive Art Award for a business or corporation that has shown leadership in supporting the arts.
Here is a link to images from the second iteration in 2006.

2007: above, a Peter Acheson painting in the conference room. below, Michael Pilon paintings.

2007: a painting by Jen Bradford, audio piece by einlab, both on the wall to the left, and on the ceiling, a portion of a work by Peter Iannarelli.

2007: a sculpture by Matthew Kinney.

kork, featuring Angelika's postcards as installed by Deborah Bailey Browne.

The most recent endeavor, kork, grew out of an idea Angelika had for a possible piece. She had wanted to work with the format of a bulletin board, which would be expected in an office, but using it in a way that may not be so obvious. Eager as I am to ever to marry artwork to its environment for specific periods, I co-opted the idea and have created a project space within the parameters of the cork bulletin board hanging above the photocopier. Angelika's postcard sized prints on which she wrote messages to Deborah and mailed to the office from NY and LA, then arranged on the board by Deborah, constitute the first kork project and it will be on view through the end of October. Every two months another artist will move into kork, and will see what shakes out. Up next on the board is Elia Gurna, followed by Marc Willhite. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with these projects, and the reaction that the staff will have to it. As I'm thinking of it, some artists will work directly on the bulletin board, but for other artists more distant from the office, mode of conveying and applying the artwork the board will become more important, and perhaps more collaborative with the office staff.

Above and below, my work currently installed.

While kork will be rolling on in two month rotations, the office wide installations of work will proceed at about one or two change ups per year. The artists that have participated thus far in the three or four iterations are mostly usual suspects if you follow the events around Beacon NY, ie.; Simon Draper, Marnie Hillsley, Alexis Elton, Peter Iannarelli, Michael Pilon, Peter Acheson, Angelika Rinnhofer, einlab, Claire Lofrese, Jen Bradford and Matthew Kinney, and going forward, the roster will be expanding. I congratulate Deborah on her award, and I thank her and the staff at the firm for allowing us to tweak their space.

2007: A daily dose of art when the mail arrives courtesy of Peter Acheson.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sailed away.

Untitled, 2008, cardboard, puzzle box 
I'm in Denver for 10 days. I think I'm on day 3. The other night I met up with Marc Willhite. We went over to see the "Above average show" at the Lab at Belmar, then over to Pirate to see Marc's show in the associates' space. Below are a few images. A few of the pieces were in last year's SOTT exhibit. A few others are extended explorations of work he began for that previous show.

Here are a few images of his show. It's on view through this weekend:

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My first parade

The Spirit of Beacon Parade was held this past Sunday. I participated with the Beacon Artists At Large to create large scale reproductions of drawings made by children in the Beacon Community Center's after school program depicting what each child wants to be when he/she grows up.
I don't know what vocation my chosen drawing was intended to depict. Perhaps it's simply a projected desire to be much larger than his is now. And larger it is. The figure stands at about six feet (before attaching the carrying stick), and as I carried the piece over my shoulder down to the parade starting point, I understand it looked like I was enacting the stages of the cross. Aside from one guy who yelled out a window "what kind of dinosaur is that," The other comments were fairly Jesus-centric. Wanting to subvert any possible allegations of sacrilige as the parade got underway, I made certain to not rest it on my shoulder, but to manuever the structure in a jaunty fashion to appear as if he was walking in a spirited way and not languishing on a pair of crossed timbers.
I've posted a few additional images from the group's creations at

This image gives a better sense of source drawing, created by Joseph.