Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lunchtime Show and Tell

Back in June, I was working on the installation crew for the Martin Creed Feelings exhibit the Hessel Museum at Bard College.

A couple recent Peter Acheson pieces.

Through the middle of the install, I brought in a few small pieces for feedback from my buddies, Daniel Berlin, and Peter Acheson during our lunch break. This began a daily showandtell/critique session with each of us bringing in our work.

This is one of a series of stick paintings that Peter does. I took it home to live with for a week. I placed it over a doorway.

This added a nice perk to the work day and it was something I looked forward to each day.
I photographed a couple of the sessions. Toward the end of the install, we mutually decided on an assignment where each of us would create a piece using some trashed luaun that we came across.

Dan Berlin's luaun assignment.

My luaun assignment.