Friday, October 27, 2006

Recombinant rtna

In wondering what I would contribute to Phyllis Lerud's Annual garden party/art show in Denver earlier this month, I dug out some small paintings on masonite from several years ago and joined them together with some of the materials I've been most interested in of late: masonite panelling, and "cast" latex paint. These new diptychs/assemblages are still small, most are under 10" in dimension.

The art of business

Several weeks ago, I was struck by the unusual blue glow coming from the sign from one of Beacon's Main St gas stations. It turns out the station owners switched fuel suppliers, and this tarp was up for a week or two until a new sign was installed. The effect on the street soft and easy on the eyes, not like the harsh glare one becomes accostumed to.