Friday, September 15, 2006

Much of my attention has been absorbed by the Beacon Windows on Main St project that just concluded this past week. Putting the show together had me feeling burnt out days before it actually opened. Then there was controversy relating to one of the pieces created by Elia Gurna for the library. Details on this can be found at - check the link in the sidebar.

I was in Miami this past weekend for Angelika's opening at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. It was a quick 36 hrs in Miami. The week prior to that I was in DC for a job for several days. I was able to catch the Keifer show at the Hirshorn with Matt Kinney. I wish we had opted to see the Venetian Painting exhibit at the National Gallery instead.

It's felt like eons since I've been able to spend any substantial time in the studio. I've been able to squeeze out moments over the past week, prepping things to jump into. I'm ready for it.