Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some recent artwork


I have been working on many varied pieces over the past year, and I am overdue for updating the rest of my sight with new images of artwork. In lieu of that action, I will start posting a sampling of images of things I've been working on recently.
These two pieces are four foot square, oil on masonite.

repose 2

My first carp.....on a plate.

On my trip to Nuremburg Germany in December, I was privileged to experience a local delicacy: Fried Carp.
This fish has a fairly poor reputation in the States, basically, that of a trash fish. We caught many of them in South Dakota, when I was young, and they were good to catch, and they got pretty big, but after we got them off the hook, my cousin would kill them by jumping on their heads. But that was a long time ago.....

Anyway, the fish we ate on this day was farm raised, and It was prepared by a local restaurant, and Angelika's dad brought them home. The fish was gutted, but everything that was left was dipped in batter, and fried, scales, fins and all.
The fins are said to be the best part, and they were good, with plenty of batter. I have to say that batter fried anything tastes pretty good.