Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Dead Hare Radio Episode! - Harvey Tulcensky

Well, it's been a long long while, but I finally released a new podcast episode of the Dead Hare Radio Hour.  This one, episode # 44, features a conversation with Harvey Tulcensky recorded when I visited Harvey's studio in Manhattan last Spring.

Harvey's artwork for the past 10 years plus has consisted of a growing body of small moleskin sketchbooks, numbering well into the hundreds,  that he fills up with ballpoint pen drawings as if it were a metabolic process.  Within this corpus of sketchbooks are countless opportunities for creating discrete statements by corralling a selection of books into a composition .  Harvey hangs stacked arrangements of sketchbooks, streching their accordion pages out horizontally to create large, expressive wall reliefs.
A selection of books filled with ink applied with rubber stamps.

In our talk, Harvey tells of growing up in Detroit, making his way to NYC, via Vermont, living large as a ranch hand in Idaho, and how he arrived at the work he does today.

A stack of painted plywood diamond shapes from an early body of work.
One of two pieces exhibited in 2010 at the Center for Book Arts in NY.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rob Swainston (and his students) at Garrison Art Center, opening Jan 24

Over a couple of Saturdays in December I attended a printmaking master class at the Garrison Art Center, led by Rob Swainston.  Rob is a Brooklyn based artist and printmaker who creates large scale, print-based installations - or "printstallations".  In addition to creating his own work, Rob runs a collaborative print studio called Prints of Darkness.

The class Rob presented focused on creating multicolored woodblock prints using Photoshop to manage the color separation then transferring those separations to multiple blocks for printing. 

GAC is hosting an exhibit of Rob's work, which is opening this Saturday, January 24.  Rob's show, Carry On, will be in the Center's main gallery and in the adjacent gallery, prints created by class attendees will be on exhibit. 
My fellow classmates; Barbara Smith Gioia, Michael Piotrowski, Hildreth Potts, Adolfo Silva-Sadder, William Stafford and Natalia Woodward, and I will show a sample of the prints we made in the class.

Both shows run through February 15th.

Below are a couple the prints I created:

Keel variation
Keel variation

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Oh Christmas Thing 2014

Christmas Thing 2014, twigs, plastic ornaments

This year's Christmas Thing is small, measuring just over 12" tall, yet it carries a rugged elegance on those delicate legs.

Xmas dinner

This year's Christmas dinner is likely to be a little Chinese takeout, but last year, I apparently made a fortifying meal of beans and wieners using Stan Gregory's recipe - it's my standard now.  

Do the World a Favor, Dec 24

Dec 24

Monday, December 22, 2014


The October 11 opening of my exhibit HARBOR at Matteawan Gallery took place one year to the weekend after I executed a series of painted moves that ended up resulting in the base layers on which the Harbor compositions would be built. 

This act of painting done on Columbus Day weekend in 2013 was the final "processing" of Advent 2011, the last project to appear on the board of kork.  For Advent 2011 I sent postcard images of a 2001 painting, THA to 30 artists and asked them to manipulate the image in the photograph and mail it as a postcard back to the office of Deborah Bailey Browne CPA in Poughkeepsie, where it became an advent calendar marking the end of 2011 and the end of kork as an artspace - and some for some, possibly the end of the world with the apocryphal apocalypse of 2012 then looming on the horizon. 

The collected Advent 2011 postcards.

I took all of these manipulated postcards as suggestions for how to improve or destroy the painting in question.  The logical final step was to enact these suggestions on the actual painting and see what I came up with.
The video below is a time lapse capture of me going through the motions over the course of three days in October 2013.

After taking the painting through all of the iterations, I cut it up into smaller pieces to be used at a later date.  As it turns out, most of the body of this old painting has reemerged in the collective body of of the Harbor paintings which, as a group consist of 15 paintings.

After having chosen HARBOR as the name of the exhibit and the paintings, thinking of the significances of the word, I came to recognize these new paintings tangibly harbor the physical and intellectual efforts of all the participating artists, forming a receptive bed for a new layer of information and making the whole concept worth that much more to me.

Those participating artists are:

Angela Beloian, James Westwater, Sharon L Butler, Marc Wilhite, Lorrie Fredette, Thomas Huber, Peter Iannarelli, Elia Gurna, Angelika Rinnhofer, Alastair Dewell, Michael Asbill, Bruce Gluck, Kathleen Anderson, Matthew Slaats, Chad Smith, Mark DeLura, Peter Acheson, Jean Brennan, Steve Rossi, Mark Creegan, Mathew Hereford, Deirdre SwordsSusan Walsh, Catherine Welshman, Kirsten Kucer, Christopher Stackhouse, Matthew S Kinney, Greg Slick, Sara Mussen and Karlos Carcamo.

Do the World a Favor, Dec 22

Dec 22