Monday, March 07, 2016

Artma 2016

Artma, the biennial art auction event held in Denver to benefit research areas of childhood cancer was held again this year on February 20th. 
I've participated in every iteration since its inception, including this year, although just barely.  What with the upheaval of our move and the condensing of studio and home into a smaller home with ad hoc studio and storage space, I nearly didn't make the deadline.  In fact I actually missed the deadline, but the organizers still welcomed my last minute contribution. 
Flattened Buoy, Red 2012

The work I donated is a 2012 drawing done while on residency on Norton Island in Maine.  The pastel drawing is one of several I made inspired by the colorful buoys arrayed in the waters around the island and washed up on the shore.  Buoys were even re-purposed to mark the trails cutting through the woods of the island.  The drawings were kind of schematic dissections of the buoys; a not so strict rendering of them as if they had been flayed and flattened.

A group of buoy, and other, drawings in process on Norton Island in 2012.

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