Friday, October 30, 2015

In the Studio Today

Well, this is how the studio looked just before we vacated it at the end of August.....And it's still how I feel a little.  I expected to put away the artmaking habit for a while until things got settled here in South Florida - Hollywood Fl. to be exact.   I figured I'd devote my excess time to writing, and I've maintained that effort fairly consistently until just recently when I started getting some jobs in the area. 

I've done just a little tinkering, my attention focused on objectness potential of the hollowed out coconut shells I've harvested from the tree in our back yard. 

I haven't yet mustered the focus or energy to get much useful activity rolling, be it written or visual but that hankering is starting to scratch at the door.  I'm just mustering up the gumption to get up and answer.

The studio I currently have rests largely in my head, but I have a corner or two I can commandeer when I need. 

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