Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MY WOMS Project: ]twenty-six paces[

1 pace = 30 inches. 1 Columbia size 9 = 12 inches. 76.5 Columbia size 9's = ]twenty-six paces[ - or thereabouts.

The Windows on Main St exhibit is opening on Saturday and I'll be participating in it this year.  I'm working with both Artisan Wine Shop and Beacon Pilates as the locations I'm responding to with a series of works.

For starters, I hung out at Artisan wine over the course of several Saturday wine tastings recently, recording the gurgling sounds of wine pouring into a glass (and watching Tim Buzinski graduate from more to less obtrusive crutches as he recovers from a nasty bike accident).  The idea is to create an audio piece that will be installed in the stairway of Beacon Pilates.  My goal is to create a babbling brook of wine pours - one tiny taste at a time - although I expect it will be more of a tinkling, gurgling brook. 

The process of doing whatever it is I'm going to end up doing with ]twenty-six paces[ is generally that of immersing myself in an environment and frame of mind, then drawing something out of my experience which will mark the moment.

What ever it is that I do come up with and the thoughts that emerge from this work will be gathered here on the blog and on my twitter feed:   #WOMS .

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