Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Day by Day: Dec 1

A year ago today I embarked on sending out an email a day for the entire month of December for the kork Advent project.  It was a lot of work (more than it sounds like it would be), but thanks to the 31 mighty fine artists who participated and everyone who signed up to receive the emails, it was a very fulfilling endeavor.
I had every intention to repeat the project - with a few tweaks- this year, but I couldn't get it together.  However, it's definitely on for next year.

Last week, miss A brought home a chocolate advent calendar for me and I cracked it open today. My pathological tendency to create a project where none need exist kicked in, and I decided that everyday, after I pop open each little door and down the corresponding chocolate cached inside, I'm going to create a tiny sculpture in it's place.  I'll post an image everyday.

Here's today's kick off work:

 Dec 1,  paper and styrofoam.

For an extra treat, make a point of visiting Tyler Green's Tumblr Advent Calendar everyday. 

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