Friday, July 09, 2010

Spamwerk & 9 Days a Week on view at Daniel Aubry Gallery opening on July 10

Fetishes: My boxers paintings are grouped together here as one work entitled 9 Days A Week.
Afropat 1 and 2 are on the right

I've got several works on view at the Daniel Aubry Gallery in Beacon, opening tomorrow, July 10.  The works in the gallery are the Spamwerk paintings and the Fetishes paintings.  This whole arrangement happened so quickly this week, I'm not sure about all the details of the show, there will be a reception tomorrow for Second Saturday, I imagine starting at 5 or 6pm.

The Spamwerk paintings are installed on a wall adjacent to some larger Purvis Young works from the gallery's holdings.  I'm digging having the Spamwerk pieces, which themselves are rough and made of re-purposed materials in such proximity to the Young's, but by comparison they feel a bit precious - like little jewels.

The complete group of Spamwerk in a cluster.

This is an incredible small Purvis piece that uses scrap carpet as a framing device. 
( I couldn't get a really good unblurred shot.)

Some other items in the gallery - I don't have any specifics on these pieces.

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