Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Beacon: James Westwater & Catherine Welshman

James Westwater's Postcards and Matchboxes show at Van Brunt Gallery runs through July 25.  It's clean and compact, full of formalized precision and personal narratives constructed from other people's histories.  Well worth seeing. 

Of course, I'm sort of a sucker for paintings on boxes, and James uses the format to his advantage.

Another artist that consistently puts on a show worth seeing has a new one opening this Saturday, July 17 at Hudson Beach Glass.  Catherine Welshman's New Paintings runs through Aug 29.  There's an opening with music from 6-9 on Saturday, and an artist reception on Aug 14th.

I finally took a moment and searched for the 624713 Collective which is apparantly responsible for this poster pasted on the West End of Main St.  It's a loose collective of "artists and art afficionados" who are mobilized in the pursuit of "Art for All."

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