Monday, July 05, 2010

Internal Rhyme

Angelika pointed out to me today the incidental rhyme that's happening in my small, in process, painting on the left, and her photograph on the right.  Not only is the parallel compositions uncanny, but the fact that these two pieces ended up on adjacent walls.  I guess this is one of those two-artists-living-together, kind-of-in-the-air types of occurances.  It's not related, but all I'm thinking about right now are those images where people look  like their pets.
Angelika is heading to Germany on Weds to finish up her MFA.  Angelika's photo in the picture above was taken this spring in Nuremberg and it's one of the works that will be part of her installation in her graduate group exhibit happening in Berlin at the end of the month.  Some peripheral material and information on her thesis project is included on her 2nd yr MFA blog.  The exhibit's catalog is in the form of a boxed set of postcards from each artist. 

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