Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fourth of July in Beacon, NY

a decorative mash up on the walls of Max's on Main.

We stopped into Max's yesterday for a couple of burgers.
Afterward, I was back in the studio collaging rectilinear forms from scrapes of Netflix envelopes.
Sitting there, pasting these scrapes together, I ruminated on the nature of luxury.  I realized that the ability and freedom to have the time to do such a task is the epitome of luxury for me, one more satisfying and precious than any acquired bauble.  In fact, I can't muster a drop of saliva for any form of traditional American definition of luxury.  Freedom of expression and self determination may, in theory, be a basic human right, but in practical terms, these things are indeed indulgent luxuries in a world where many live without such benefits.   Another luxury so many of us here in this place, in this country, flaunt is our freedom to forget of how fortunate we are.
This was originally a much longer post.  But I'll just leave it at this. 

Pinwheel 3, 2010  5"x5"

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