Thursday, July 29, 2010

Electric Windows 2010 happening this weekend in Beacon

 Once can catch through the window a glimpse of the current Electric Window works 
which have held up rather well since 2008.

I spent the better part of Saturday night sipping some heavenly-cold-and-cheap beer at Open Space.  One the walls - Electric Walls is a group exhibit featuring the artists who are participating in Electric Windows this weekend.    The weather forecast is looking good for Saturday afternoon when the East end of  Main St will be closed to automobile traffic and artists will set up shop in the street.

 One view of the Electric Walls exhibit. A full listing of artwork is included in Open Space's online store.

This year's Electric Windows will be significantly bigger, gracing the faces of three buildings.  The Roundhouse and the Viera building will join the original Electric Windows building, constituting three points of an "Electric Triangle", if you will, at the junction of Main St and E. Main St. 

An image from the morning-after installation of Electric Windows 2008 works.

The Electric Windows After Party is taking place at the Piggy Bank starting @ 10pm.
The artists participating in Electric Windows this year are:   Big Foot, Buxtonia, BoogieRez , Cern ,Chor , Boogie  , Chris Stain , Chris Yormick , Depoe , Elbow Toe ,Elia Gurna , Ellis G, Erik Otto , Eugene Good, Faust, Gaia, Joe Iurato, Kid Zoom, Mr Kiji, Logan Hicks, Lotem & Aviv , , Michael De Feo, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Paper Monster, Peat Wollaeger, Rick Price, Ron English, Ryan Bubnis, Ryan Williams, Skewville
, Ultra

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