Saturday, July 24, 2010

Annual volume 1: 2007 has been published

 Annual 2007 front cover.

One of the projects that I've been working on is creating an annual inventory/index of the work I do in a magazine format.  2007 is the first volume and has just been released. 
I chose to start with 2007 because that year was pivotal in a couple of different ways (a change in studio space and two personally significant exhibits) and because I'd be pressing my luck to try to assemble my memories any further back.  The my mindset I was in and the work I did in preparation for the two exhibits I had that year has influenced greatly what I've done since.
 a page from Annual 2007
Anyway, I expect to produce one volume each year.  Each publication in the series will follow the work I produce and the projects in which I'm involved in a given year in chronological order.  
The form of the presentation is sure to evolve, particularly in the first few volumes as I catch up to the current year.  They are not intended as polished catalogues; they are, collectively, an unvarnished visual index (failures and all) presented as concisely as possible, without excessive explanation. At the end of each volume will be a section with text to add some context for the individual works, but I feel that as the project advances, the progression of images will be sufficiently revealing about the causes, effects and inspirations that drive character of the work I create.  I believe the value of each one will grow as it is joined by each proceeding issue that pushes forward the visual time line.  As each year progresses and an additional issue is added to the collection, they will speak to one another, highlighing various narratives that emerge withing the work.
another page from Annual 2007

I realize that this is a geeky and narcissistic endeavor, but it is one that will prove to be of value to me in aiding my memory and contextualizing the things I have done.  I also think that this may be of interest to those folks who have been following my work....and those who might be interested, but can't quite follow what I'm doing.

The Annuals are being published through magcloud where they can be purchased online.  There is a free ipad version available through magcloud.  In the near future, there will be a pdf version available on my website.  I will also have copies available for purchase at my Works On Paper "Trunk Show" in Denver, CO on August 7, 2010.

I expect to have 2008 published by the end of September, and 2009 completed by the end of the year at which point I'll start a regular Spring/Summer schedule of publishing the previous year's edition. 

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