Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open studio, now closed.

I decided to pull it all out for the open studio this past weekend.  Pulled it all out.  My thought was to bring out all the work that I have here in Beacon, save for the stuff that's too too embarrassing to show, and the stuff I know simply is nowhere near finished, and put it up for grabs at meager prices.  It's like gifting with a nominal kickback.  The process leading up to the open studio was great, and long, replete with moments of paralysis along the way.  The paralysis comes from my lack of being able to choose which task should next be done...and I end up jumping between two quixotically...
The benefit was that I photographed or re-photographed virtually every work I have in my possession here in the studio.  That process was fulfilling and productive.. Anyway, here are some picks, before and after the fact.  Incidentally, I opened my studio as part of the city-wide Beacon Open Studios that took place all weekend long here in town.  It was a good weekend.  Now what am I going to do?

 Some mighty fine goodies brought in by the Funky Baker.

The paint roller cover column I erected over the week.


 Marc Schreibman's photographs on the front of the house.

  Elia Gurna's installation on the porch.




 Trophy in the tree.  I'm thinking I might let this disintegrate up there through the Winter.


 A cupboard installation.

"Carrie Moyer Camou", a very recent work.

An incidental work created by me, inadvertantly, and claimed by Peter Iannarelli as his own creation.

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