Thursday, June 19, 2008

The incredible nearly-edible ephemeral sculptural material

As I was trying to formulate the plaster version of Ground Cover for the In the Spirit of the Text exhibit in Nov, I began testing possible materials in which to cast the herringbone pattern. One option was hot dogs, which is still a possible option for future incarnations, but my initial test didn't give me an immediate desired effect. After casting the small tile below, I deposited the hot dogs used back in the freezer for possible future use.
Angelika couldn't understand what the white stuff was on the hot dogs as she was grilling them up on my birthday earlier this week.
I must become more diligent in distinguishing which household items are serving a greater purpose than that which they were originally intended. I did consider making a meal of the weiners as an oblique reference to John Baldessari's painting ash brownies but decided against both the action and the consumption.
my little finger sausages.

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