Friday, November 09, 2007

In the Spirit of the Text exhibition images

Here are some images from the exhibit, I'll be posting other views and other pieces soon.

View from the outside: we placed quotes from Calvino's Six Memos on some of the gallery windows.

My Spamwerk paintings line the entryway, well above eye level.

Looking from the South gallery into the North gallery. My piece untitled(backmount) is in foreground, Marc Willhite's "Diagram for a Gesture" and "A Grand Fragment" can be seen through the doorways.

Marc's "Two Widths Seamed" on the left, and my "History Painting 2" on the right.

Marc's "Diagram for a Gesture" on the right, and my "History Painting 1" on the left.

Marc's "A Grand Fragment."

Looking from the North gallery into the South gallery.

My "Ground Cover."

Blesse 1 & 2 set in the wall in the background.

A small drawing, and a plaster piece, both called "Ground Cover."

Marc's "A wall of differing shades of grey."

"History Painting 1" butted up against the plaster "Ground Cover."

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