Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh Christmas Thing, Oh Christmas Thing.

Since I've been on my own, I've never had a Christmas tree. I love the season and my nostalgia for it seems to grow every year, but my experience of it is pretty internalized, and this has continued since I've been living with Angelika. We don't do much for Christmas generally, and usually drop out of the broader xmas machinations whirling around us, finding a serene corner in which to pass the holiday.

I love the smell that xmas trees and garland bring into the home, and the most that we've done consistantly decorating-wise is stringing up some natural garland, and trying to keep the cat from constantly eating and puking up the stuff.
I very nearly bought a tree, and I was envisioning the compositional potential of christmas lights. But putting all that together from scratch on short notice was more than I wanted to commit to, so I improvised and utilized what was on hand.

Thereby was born, The Christmas thing.

I strung the garland and colored lights around a contraption that I had built to support a sculpture that is in progress, and was originally intended for possible inclusion in the SOTT exhibit in November. Unfinished, the plaster sculpture, which is inspired by the graceful tendrils of ligament, blood and flesh flowing from Medusa's decapitated head in Benevenuto Cellini's sculpture, has assumed the mantle of holiday significance.
I think I've discovered my special holiday tradition. Look ahead for future renditions of new and varied Christmas Things in the years to come.


Rich said...

Next year, hang wreaths on the ceiling. You'll get the smell, a cool effect, an stop Icce from chomping.


Anonymous said...

That pretty looks like something I might have found in my locker Freshman year.


cralbert said...

Indeed it does have the look of severely stiffened gym socks at the moment.
I have memories of a tuna sandwich (I believe) left for sometime, spanning christmas break and then some, in my fresman locker.