Thursday, November 17, 2005

Returning home

I'm nearing the end of my two week stint here in Denver...though it feels like it's been a month at this point. I've been doing a few jobs on the decorative side of things.
As usual, my schedule has been very full with work. I have, this week, been staying with Chad and Summer and Zaiven. It's been good catching up with them, and planning with Chad the details of the next Monkey Angel production. Last weekend, several of us gathered at the Plastic Chapel, and screened the last Monkey Angel film, "the Disposal". Afterwards, we all headed to the Skylark where Gino Velardi sought to bring us all down to his level of profuse partying by refusing to let us pay for any drinks....repeatedly, round after round.
I'm certainly ready to get back home in a couple of days, and gear up for the final events of 2005.
We'll be having a benefit art auction at Spire Studios to coincide with our December open studio. Also in December, we'll be having a group show at bau of member's works. In Mid December bau will also be hosting a holiday tree decorating party organized by Angelika, and Jennifer Mackewiecz. Artists, and anyone else, are being asked to create ornaments for the christmas tree that will be donated to Vassar Hospital for display in the children's section.

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