Thursday, September 22, 2005

Turning a corner

These past couple of weeks have signaled the end of the Summer for me. The majority of my most recent projects have been coming to a close, and I'm looking forward to barracading myself in the studio somewhat more, in a more tranquil manner than the events of Summer have allowed me to do.

A view of my installation at "Augies Good to Go" for the Windows on Main St. project.

August brought on the inaugural installment of "Windows on Main St." A project organized by Karlos Carcamo and myself that facilitated artists creating site specific installations in storefronts along Beacon's Main St. Todd Spire was also instrumental in facilitating the final push in working with artists, and business owners. We had some 25 artists work with 26 windows. The possibility of this event is great. It has the component of engaging with the community and bringing together artists, which will help us get some grant money, hopefullly, next year. The aspect that I'm really interested in, though, is the potential of finding niches where art can be practiced and created in Beacon. Many of us have spoken about using Beacon as a lab for what we do, and there is simply not a lot of refined spaces in which to do that.
As Beacon has gotten press over the past few years as an artist's haven, the rents, and property values have risen, and choked off alot of possibility for art spaces happening. In a way this is fine, but there is not much else that is occupying these spaces.....Without going into the variety of things that are lacking Beacon, I'll just say that several of us are interested in finding areas to carve out space for us to explore our work.
So, anyway, the Windows project is one small step in this direction. There is a Windows blog with some images of the pieces. I have yet to finish uploading all of the info, and photos.

An arrangement of dried paint film from various containers, plaster remnants from buckets and the like during our open studio on Sept. 10.

September brought another Open Studio for us, and in the same night, an opening for me at bau (I'll get into the bau show in the next post. In addition to these two events happening on the Second Saturday in Sept, Angelika had an opening at the photography center in Woodstock, which I unfortunately could go to. It so happens recently, that we have had several events like this on the same evening. She has another opening on the 24th of Sept back in Woodstock, in another gallery so I should be able to hit both shows at once.

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