Monday, August 01, 2005

Whitney Day Trip

The Whitney Museum has consistantly been offering most interesting exhibitions in the NY museum circuit for sometime. This past Friday, we visited the Whitney to view the Robert Smithson Retrospective. I found this a fascinating exhibit as I really did not like it, but it was, an interesting biographic endeavor.
The thing that really stuck out for me was the discolored paint remnant from the previous (and far more engaging exhibition) Tim Hawkinson retro that for some reason had not been properly painted and patched.

Also on view currently is "Remote Viewing" an exhibit of contemporary abstract painting by 8 or 9 artists. The content of this show was much more interesting work than what Smithson had to offer. Interesting in the homogeneity of the artists in their use of sci fi, and comic book, and tech allusions in creating their mostly gestural abstract realms in their work. That's all I'll say about it right now, because, I simply don't have the ability to go any further tonight.

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