Saturday, November 09, 2013

UV Portfolio opens tonight @ Matteawan Gallery in Beacon, NY.

The exhibition of the UV Portfolio opens tonight at Matteawan Gallery in Beacon, NY.  The reception is happening from 6-9pm. 
I've mentioned this project in a previous post and last week did a write up of the UV Portfolio.  There's a UV Portfolio facebook group, and images from the project can be seen at the Matteawan website and the totemic 17 website.

The show will remain on view through Dec 22.

The whole thing has been thoroughly enjoyable, and it's been great to see what the other artists in the group have come up with.  I was over at the gallery Thursday night to help Karlyn with some of the installation and it was then I was able to take a peek at some of my colleagues' output.

In the studio:  Kimberly Loewe & Jeff White

On the press:  I played with spraying water on an inked block to get a varied layer of color.  Here you see that wet mixture bleeding through the paper, just prior to running it through the press.

I'll post images of some of the individual finished prints soon.  It's been exciting to see these things I made again since I spent relatively little time with them after completing them.  This is different from how I related to the paintings in my studio where they tend to hang around in state for extended periods of development, and I become so very accustomed to their presence.  Seeing these wood block prints again after just a short interval had the quality of the jarring excitement that comes from a lack of familiarity.  That feeling alone is a wee thrill.

The incidental offshoots of the creative process hold great interest for me and in this endeavor has reaped such stuff in the unconscious prints made on the newsprint I used as blotter paper and to block areas of the woodblock, both front and back as I was printing both sides of the block at times, to keep from making a mess with unwanted tranfers of ink to the press bed or paper.  Most of what makes them compelling to me is that they are the embodied platforms for future mutative actions.  Below are a few examples of these unintended impressions which I dig.


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