Monday, November 18, 2013

UV Portfolio @ Matteawan Gallery: Images

In talking with fellow UV Portfolio participants at the exhibition opening at Matteawan, it was apparent that the great pleasure of being involved was broadly shared. The reward of being challenged and having one's process tweaked has been a refreshing pulsing charge.  From everyone I spoke with, I sensed that energized glow and an interest in continuing that shared studio experience.... 

The exhibit continues through Dec 22.  I believe Karlyn will add open hours on Sundays to her customary Friday and Saturday hours in December.

The other night, thinking about my prints, I began to consider my smaller woodblock as a machine. I designed it with a symmetry where I could to spin it between carving sessions, allowing for a doubled capacity for producing a variety of marks.  It was a machine made for creating chance.  A chance making machine. 

A couple of the results of my woodblock machine in action:

Below are images of a few of the prints I made which are at Matteawan Gallery (either on the wall or in the portfolio) and which are also available for purchase on the Totemic 17 website - along with prints of my fellow participating artists.

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