Friday, March 15, 2013

Dead Hare Radio Hour: Show #40 - Crystal Bridges

Another episode of the Dead Hare Radio Hour is out. The subject this time is the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Ar.

Frank and Gloria in front of Crystal Bridges.

Roxy Paine's shimmering tree welcomes visitors to the museum.

Carolina Miranda is back on the Dead Hare Radio Hour (she was the program's very first guest) and she and I compare notes from our visits to the museum.  I recorded our conversation at Carolina's apartment in Brooklyn last May (she and her husband, El Celso, have since moved to L.A.)

Crystal Bridges opened in November of 2011.  I made the first of my first visit to the museum - a week after it opened - with my grandparents who live very close by.  You can see them in the photo at the top of this post.  (By chance, I'm releasing this podcast just two days after my grandpa broke his shoulder in two places from in a fall, so I'm a bit concerned for him.)
 Devorah Sperber's take on the Last Supper.

Below are some links relevant to the show.
Carolina's Crystal Bridges photo diary on her blog, includes images of several of the works discussed.
Carolina's most recent radio piece for NPR on the artist Llyn Foulkes.

A recent update on the Walmart bribery scandal in Mexico.

NPR's series on art destinations.

Martin Johnson Heade's exquisite paintings of rain forest orchids, butterflies and humming birds.

Vik Muniz responds to Heade's orchid paintings.

This Washington Examiner story states that the 600,000 Crystal Bridges visitors in the museum's first year is double the expected number.

A Wall Street Journal story on the Mark Rothko painting, No. 234/ No. 234, recently acquired by Crystal Bridges

Inside the Precious Moments Chapel.

More images from my visit to the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO. can be found in this photo album.  This is one crazy joint. A real spectacle that is at once impressive, and a wee creepy.

Finally, this episode  wraps up with a short anecdote from Peter Acheson (Show #30 & #36 ) about an encounter he and his buddy Chris Martin had while hiking in Colorado.

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