Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Geneve Journal: Embarkment

I finally set out on my Geneve Journal journey yesterday.  Scheduled to depart yesterday from Newark at 5:15 pm to Geneva by way of Porto Portugal, I'm currently sitting in the Newark Double Tree Hotel.  "Technical difficulties" brought about the eventual cancellation of the flight and then the saga of getting hotel rooms for the affected passengers.  After the bulk of our fellow passengers filled all available rooms of the Renaissance Hotel, the remaining handful of us were given rooms at the Double Tree - at about 1:30 am.

From rm 311 of the Double Tree hotel.
Scheduled now to depart at 5:55, with the connecting city being Lisbon, the current snowfall - which is getting heavier now - makes me question the possibility of a timely take off this afternoon.

But, I took a pleasant breakfast this morning with Tim and Marion, a young French couple heading back to Paris after visiting NYC, and I'm able to catch up on some posting while I wait for the airline's call.

Over the last few weeks I began fulfilling the first rewards for supporters of the Geneve Journal Project.  All but a few handful of the Elliptical Drawings have been sent out - the rest will find their destination upon my return.  And I've been able to start making phone calls of thanks to those who joined in on the project.

I'm grateful to all these fine folks who agreed to participate:

Jo Cole, Angelika Rinnhofer, Lorrie Fredette, Deirdre Swords, Matthew Kinney, Beth E. Wilson, Brian Farrar, Lisa Townley, Michael Haskell, Trent Peaker, Erica Hauser, Pamela Todd, Tatiana Giametti, Angela Beloian, Rich Armstrong, Andrew Boscardin, Steffen Hyder, Chad Smith, Ilka Omdahl, Stan Gregory, Frank Albert, Desiree, Will Walker, Matthew Slaats, Andy Clayton, Richard Schoenstein, Randy Caruso, Olivier Pascal Zimmermann, Cristina Schuttmann, Cristin Frodella, Carla Rozman, elboso, Steve Rossi, Cole Wicker, AmyK, Rob Penner, Peter Iannarelli, C-monster, Kirsten Kucer, Peter Acheson, Marcia Acita, Marc Schreibman, Phyllis Lerud, Diana & David Armstrong.

 To project funders: if I've missed any pertinent links, please let me know.  I'll gladly add them.

 I've set up a tout profile.  I'll be posting 15 second videos to this profile which will follow my Genevois goings-on at a micro-temporal and microscopic level.  If you're on the blog page now, you can see the Tout widget in the sidebar to the right.

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