Sunday, September 02, 2012

A long, lean biscotto and a fart of smoke

The Kamp Maykr menage doubled in number this past week with the addition of two young kittens (2 humans + 2 felines).

It's been a year and a half that we've been without percussive paw patter on hardwood and the olfactory signals of a litter box in use.

The kittens, both around 2-3 months old are part of a family of cats rescued by Nicole Ganas of the Community Cat Coalition around Bloomingburg, NY.  

After the death of Icci, I wanted to wait at least a year before undertaking another feline relationship.  We also felt that when we were ready to take in another cat, we'd actually take in two so as to provide a more socially fulfilling environment for both.

It took a week for the two of them to settle in with each other in our space.  They're still a bit skittish in relation to us, but the two of them are quite comfortable with each other.

The pastel male is the older of the two and from their arrival was the more elusive and skittish.  Named Ziggy Stardust by Nicole, Angelika has rechristened him Biscotto.  He's also the one that captured Angelika's heart.  Carole King is the grey female and she had me suckered from the start.  A bit more precocious in some ways, she's definitely the younger sister of this duo, following her brother as he's begun feeling comfortable enough to explore the feline wonderland that is our art studios.
Her coloring is sublime.  She is shadow.  She is smoke.  I'm working on what to call her.  Carole doesn't really fit her personality - particularly at the moment...I've perused anagrams of Carole King and really like Clarion Keg, but that's not working- so we'll see.  I'm just mesmerized by absorbent coloring.

Update 9/3/12:  I just realized that her coloration harkens back to my memory of the scene in 101 Dalmations when the puppies are rendered grey in a disguise of coal dust.   I've only just glancingly considered grey in the past, although I have been struck at times when the color exhibits itself in such a way to embody the very same heavy elusiveness this kitten carries.  It transcends the issue of surface.  In fact, the "right" grey speaks to substance rather than surface.  There's that certain grey that I've seen many times on the Audi TT model.  The "deadness" of the color belies the elusiveness and dynamism of the hue.  I'm thinking now of the Jasper Johns exhibit of grey paintings at the Met some years back.  A decent exhibit, but I don't recall if that work captured any of the dynamism of grey.  My memory is that grey was the predominant character of the show - but as if the chromatic knobs were tuned such as to subdue, if not exclude, all other colors. I'll have to re view James Kalm's video of the exhibit to refresh my memory.  

 It's something to think about and something to play about with.

Nicole stopped by yesterday to check in on the kids with another ailing kitty in tow - one of a three week old litter that will be available for adoption in another month and a half.  Unfortunately that kitten, Stevie Nicks, which was highly malnourished and stunningly weak when we saw her died over night.  On her blog Nicole chronicles all of her activities of trapping, spaying/neutering feral cats and generally releasing the adults back to the wild while working to find adoptive homes for the kittens.....and she has some real heart breakers looking for homes....It's particularly touching to witness and read of Nicole's dedication and devotion to the cause and the individual cats she's working to help.

We greatly respect the work that Nicole does, along with her network of fellow rescuers, to staunch the rampant growth of feral cat populations while seeking out mutually beneficial home situations for adoptable cats.

And we're grateful to her for giving us this opportunity to give these two young'uns a loving home.

There's obviously no shortage of cats - or dogs - in shelters and situations of all kinds who could benefit - and be beneficial - in a responsible adoptive home.  CCC is always looking for foster homes for kittens in transition from rescue to a permanent home, if you're in the Hudson Valley area, and might be interested in helping in this capacity, please contact Nicole via website or the CCC Facebook page.

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