Friday, July 06, 2012

On the move

The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in Boston, MA.
I'm a pretty poor packer.  I tend to agonize about what to take when preparing for a trip.  I usually over estimate how much reading I'll accomplish when away.  I also tend to pack way too much clothing, which is funny since I'm well aware that I can be pretty content wearing the same garb for several days in a row ( this will just be our secret - although I do tend to change the more intimate of garments more frequently.  This type of conundrum feeds right into the sweet spot of my tendency toward anxiety....The thought that I might well neglect packing that one little something that could be the linchpin behind a successful journey/vacation/whatever can simply keep poke poke poking at me.

This scenario afflicted me again this week as I was deciding what supplies to bring with me for this 10 day residency I'll be starting tomorrow morning at the Eastern Frontier Educational Foundation on Norton Island in Maine.  Ultimately I think I honed my packing list to a manageable, yet abundant selection of supplies that should afford me any amount of ambition I may have for the next 10 days without seeming too ridiculous.  Ten days' time will tell if my calculated expectations were correct.  

So I'm in a Days Inn in Portland ME tonight.  By noon tomorrow, I should be on the island.
A glimpse of me within Josiah McElheny's Island Universe.
I took the opportunity of this NE drive to stop in on the Charline von Heyl and Josiah McElheny exhibits at the ICA in Boston today.  (I also stopped by Utrecht in Boston to pick up a handful of supplies.)
The entrance to the Cheryl von Heyl show

So it's late and I'm way ready for bed.  I may have some thoughts on the two exhibits that I may see fit to post shortly.  In the mean time, here's a sample of the visual treats in my hotel room.

These prints seem to bear the signature of Kelly Hallam
PS.  As for my reading list....I've scaled it back to one book.  It seems that David Rothenberg's Survival of the Beautiful might be the perfect read while tinkering art-wise on a pristine island off the coast of Maine.

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