Sunday, June 17, 2012

Riding the waves

acrylic on canvas, 14"x11"

I enjoyed a splendid milestone-eve yesterday.  I was working, but was surprised by a lunch visit by A. bearing a 3 flava pint o' soft serve from Ron's Ice Cream here in Beacon.  A pleasant lunch hour stroll during which, from Blithewood Mansion, we took in a wonderful of the Hudson....and a Bard coed sunbathing topless.  Later a savory dinner at Salinas Tequilas in Wappingers Falls.  Finally, at home, I was presented with a thoroughly dense and rich Oreo cheesecake from Adams.

The symmetry of this day has me thinking back 20 yrs ago when I spent it in Veigy, France at the home of the famille Aubert, with whom I was staying.  I remember the homemade  cake (I believe a tart) we enjoyed that evenning, and looking back at my journal entry I see mention of a block of watercolor paper I received from the family.

Two quiet observances of this anniversary.  Both equally fulfilling and memorable, and doled out in equal intervals.

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