Friday, May 18, 2012

The Unexpected opening of Krotch?

Peter Iannarelli marking his territory.....with aluminum letters.
When I ended kork at the end of last year, I was considering instigating a new exhibition project space closer to home.  At home, in fact. The concept behind Krotch was to invite artists to create works that would rest in the crotch of the tree standing in our yard.  I haven't pursued it yet out of a restraint on my own tendencies as such a project inevitably turns into a fulfilling, but diversionary endeavor - one which places yet another task on my agenda.

Peter Iannarelli inadvertently initiated Krotch when he showed up for our book club meeting this week with a box of aluminum letters, looking for a place to stick 'em.  He and Angelika unloaded the box and loaded up the tree.

An instance like this drives me to want to jump in and call this thing a running venture.  But I'm going to refrain.  These things tend to have a mind of their own, anyway, so we'll see what happens - naturally.

That tree is so seductive...and the aluminum letters stand in great contrast to the dark, moist, moss laden bark.

As it turns out this little endeavor of Peter's spawned the idea for a piece for Collabortive Concepts's Saunder's Farm exhibit in Garrison, NY this year.

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