Sunday, April 08, 2012

This place would be great if only...

Going Hoam, 1993 collage.

Dinner last week with my dear friends Summer and Chad, of the MonkeyAngel clan.  At one point, we were speaking of time, change and their effects on us and our locations, which went more broadly into the topic of  gentrification of places. 
As Chad said, the most sure fired way to make sure that a place will turn hot is to "get us to move out of the area." 
What drives us - just us - folks the likes of me and Summer and Chad, not the majority of folks - to a place and what drives us away?.
I began considering the possibility of taking Lucien Freud's comment on from the previous post and alter its application from the making of paintings to the notion of place-making or home-making.  Make such a substitution, and the statement very nearly sums up my feelings of place, and what the real level of attraction is held by a place when it actually becomes nearer to the place it can be.

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