Wednesday, March 21, 2012


a priority mail

I was excited to receive a Berlin a priori postcard from Angelika the other day.    It's not unusual for me to receive postcards from her when she's in Germanlandia - we are like two love birds in a cage, after all.  I'm I'm not just her lovey dovey, I'm also a funder of her a priori project, which is the reason she has been in Berlin this past week +.   This special funder status has garnered me the special limited edition postcard you see below instead of the usual topless kraut maiden-laden postcard (photo pending) I might otherwise receive.

NYFA (the New York Federation for the Arts) is a fiscal sponsor of a priori, lending the advantage of tax deductable-ness to donors who wish to donate.  Angelika has also incorporated a kickstarter-like menu of incentives for those wishing to fund the project at modest levels.  Additionally, since the a priori project will be an extended one, there is an option to "subscribe" as a funder with regularly scheduled payments through the a priori Artspire page

I'm also eligible to receive a 5"x7" print taken on this Berlin trip - *excited*.

So you too, can be the beneficiary of such goodness by choosing to be a benefactor of Angelika's project.  Of course, I can't guarantee your postcard will include her saying she loves you and misses you...but it's worth a try - of course, that might just cost you more.

You can stay abreast of Angelika's activities on the a priori facebook page.

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