Sunday, September 18, 2011

]twenty-six paces[ : What the Room Saw Part III

The Windows on Main St exhibit has ended, but I'm still catching up on ]twenty-six paces[ related stuff.

From the point at which I first paced out the ]     [  between Artisan Wine Shop and Beacon Pilates, and first really took notice of the tar patchwork "scrawled" along the center of the street, I was immediately interested in it as a drawing. 
In the video below, I try my best to mimic the work on the canvas before me.

 I had the idea of delineating details seen through the window by drawing on the window early on.  That intention led to the thought that I might be able to create monoprints using the window as my printing plate.  Last week I made my first attempt at pulling a print from a side window.  It's crude, but it's a start.

 The yellow on the paper was preexisting, remnants from another effort. 

The exhibit is over, but many related projects I planned for originally have not been completed, and new ideas born out of those early thoughts have yet to be followed up on, but with the indulgence of the Tim and Mei at Artisan and Juliet at Beacon Harvey, I hope to continue working to resolve some of these ideas.

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