Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dead Hare Radio, Art International Radio, (performance by dubknowdub, Mar 10)

 Looking down from the 12+1th Floor.

We haven't gotten our first air date yet, but Matthew Slaats and I are gathering content for our new joint endeavor, The Dead Hare Radio Hour.  Last night I headed down to the Clocktower Gallery and the studios of AIR (Art International Radio,) formerly WPS1, to interview AIR Managing Director Beatrice Johnson and Director of Programs David Weinstein to talk about the history.
 STO installing his works on paper.

Additionally, I chatted with STO, who along with ELI, make up the visual and noise making entity DubknowDub.  The duo will be culminating their month long Time Sync Laboratory Residency at the Clocktower with an exhibit and performance, tomorrow (March 10) @ 6-9pm.  STO was in the process of installing his ink on paper works.  He explained that along with the visual works he and ELI created during their time in the Clocktower, they've been sampling the creepy sounds made by the building late in the night.  Apparantly, a man committed suicide in the Clock Tower in 1913, and it's said the building is haunted....
A quote from a note on the deceased's body in the original NY Times story:
"Dear Art:  Everything you've done for me sticks me like a pin."  Yep. That sounds about right.

STO's battery powered grocery cart - instrument.

If you want to catch tomorrow night's performance at the Clocktower Gallery at 108 Leonard St, here are instructions on getting into the building.  The evening's events can also be heard on the ARTonAIR audio stream. 

AIR has an extensive archive of audio documentation on its website.  The audio stream features a mixture of art and culture related conversation and music and sound works.  Definitely worth spending time to dig through for some treasures.

 Mary Heilmann's Two Lane Blacktop, 2009 
is one many permanent works installed throughout the space.

Thanks to Beatrice and David, and STO for taking time to speak with me.

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