Sunday, February 20, 2011

Small @ Hudson Beach Glass, through March 20

Small, the exhibit curated by Jennifer Mackiewicz at Hudson Beach Glass will remain on view through March 20.  Here are some pics from the exhibit:
Claire Lofrese, After 24 Colors for Blinky by Imi Knoebel, 2011

Gerda van Leeuwen, Insects Caught (on wall) with porcelain sculptures

Jill Reynolds, Ancestor, Recollection, Memorandum, 2000

 John Allen, Promise, 2011

Deborah Davidovits, Mended Pegasus, 2002 and Mended Cat and Dog, 2002

Above: a selection of my white board paintings and collages.; check it out, 2011

Above, rocker, by me with, above and below, Kirsten Kucer's
 Postcards from Another Place, 2011

 Greg Slick's Maya, 2010 entails a video feed of a bedscape beamed from the cot to a monitor.

 Susan Magnus, Untitled, 2002

 Susan Walsh Residue of Gesture Series: Shelf in Rusty Garden Shed, 2009

 Peter Yamoaka Giorgio Morandi: Natura Morte, 2009. Above, a set of his Dioramas

 Kazumi Tanaka, Separation, 2002

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