Thursday, February 03, 2011

Golden Oldies/ Buried Treasure

Rooting around in my Denver storage area to prepare for the works on paper trunk sale I held at Michele Mosko Fine Art in August, I uncovered loads of small works on paper that hadn't seen the light of day  for some time. Here are images of a few them:

charcoal on paper, 8"x10"
The first of a series of studies for a larger scaled illustration of stories told to me
by folks I encountered while travelling.

 pastel on vinyl
A segment of another illustrated story.

Works created in Switzerland in 1992:

drypoint, 1992, 5"x8"
One of two prints I created using a small press in the studio of Henri Presset.

charcoal on paper, 1992, 28"x22"

Versions of my view out of the kitchen on Rue De Montchoisy

pastel on paper, 1992
A variation on my favorite street scape in Geneva.

pencil, oil pastel on paper, 1993

Remnants of my time in Miami Beach:
Meditations on the liquid horizon, 1995.

 An homage to Beuys using the dregs after a party @ Sarah Lawrence College, 1992.

self portrait, ink on paper, 1995

watercolor, spraypaint, 1997

watercolor, spraypaint, 1997

watercolor, 1998

 watercolor, 1998

Not everything in my trove of treasures was created by me.
 There are several examples of narrative maps that folks have made for me.  This one, by Cheryl Bainum, tells of travels through the American Southwest.

This portrait of me done by a mystery woman in a park in Geneva gave birth to a portrait project that I carried around on my back for two years in the form of two sketchpads. This project, which I intend to digitize this year entailed portraits of and by some 95 people....

 The crown jewel of my collection was found behind a drawer of a dresser in Miami Beach.  Simple, direct, obsessive.  All the stuff of really great art.

Finally, not all of the gems uncovered in storage belonged to me.  Icci's inner kitten broke through the surface playing with this long forgotten toy.drawing her to play like she hadn't done in recent years.

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