Friday, September 10, 2010

Go North!....and Cross the River

Detail of a doodle by Dan Weise of Thundercut and Open Space done during a public 
art panel talk in which we both participated at Dia:Beacon in 2009.

For those folks in Beacon NY still mourning last Summer's closing of Go North, there's a chance to recapture a bit of the spirit of that space channeled through the Samuel Dorsky Museum in New Paltz, NY.   Karlos Carcamo and Greg Slick have teamed up again to curate the exhibition "The Illustrious Mr. X: Museum Collection as Character Study" which will be on view through July 17, 2011.  The boys have fashioned the exhibit as a biography of a fictional character, enlisting selections of the museum's collection to flesh out a portrait of this Mr. X.  The exhibition is divided into eight sections or chapters that explore different aspects of Mr. X's life and nature.

We attended the opening on August 27, but managed to see almost none of the show for all my chatting with I was doing folks before we were all herded into the adjacent theater to catch a performance by the group Cave Dogs which was pretty cool, at least the first two acts, which is all we stuck around for. 

Karlos and Greg will be giving a curators' talk on Sunday, October 24 from 2-3pm.

Karlos and Greg delivering remarks at the opening reception.

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