Thursday, August 12, 2010

Catherine Welshman @ Hudson Beach Glass thru Aug 29

 Twins, oil on wood
An exhibit of Catherine Welshman's paintings opened at Hudson Beach Glass on July 17th.  The show will run through Aug 29 and there will be an artist reception on August 14 from 6-9 pm.

Viewing Catherine's work is a double treat.  The figures she creates are alluring and evocative with a frequent quality of a naughtiness verging on wrongfulness.   The physical quality of the paint is often as seductive and lush as the representations held within it.  Walking through the show during the opening, looking at the drips and smooshes, gave me the urge to run home and push around a little paint myself.
 I ran through and snapped some images of the exhibit, Just before leaving town at the end of July
Ruffled Girl, oil on canvas
below: detail

 Wishful, oil on canvas
This piece irresistibly evokes a memory for me which i won't be elaborating on.

A glancing view of the light playing on Reclining Elle, oil on canvas.

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