Sunday, June 20, 2010

The artmaking simply never stops

I guess it's a bit of an homage to Peter Iannarelli's incursion into my studio last year and claiming as his own sculpture an arrangement I made for gluing some artwork that I am now more keen to notice the geometric and material beauty of these contraptions.
I'm so taken with the one above that I'm loath to dismantle it to retrieve the two works at the very bottom which are being glued and clamped by the combined weight of the objects uptop.  The interleaved layers, forms and colors are all clean and tangibly appealing.  The color variations between cardboard, brown paper and plywood are subtle and speak to some intention that is out of my hands.  Also the stacking feels elegant to me and I'm taken by the presence of it in the center of the room.  Of course it's a very traditional shape progression of a series of geometric plinth forms topped by an almost torso form.

It takes far less than all of these qualities for anything to remain on my floor for any extended period, so here it will stay for my own pleasure for sometime to come.

 Another arrangement of weights for gluing purposes.

Of course, having said all of the things above, I'm not readily taking credit for these "creations".  I'm just reaping the pleasurable rewards of a process that bears fruit beyond that which is intended.

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