Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friends with Benefits

Blood and my impulse to make work are the two "commodities" that I've had in abundance throughout my life, and that being the case, these two attributes (along my compulsive need to please) are what I have always been most able to leverage in the interest charitable giving. 

I generally participate in one or two art auctions or events each year where I donate an existing artwork.
I've mentioned before, my commitment to the biennial Artma event in Denver - and of course, I pierce a vein whenever I'm able (which I'll be doing again later this week.)
I recently set up a page here on the blog dedicated to the sale of Depletion Drawings which can be purchased through Paypal and will in part benefit Habitat for Artists.  Those drawings embody a vein of concentration that I was able to tap in to while meditating in my isolated 6x6 space.  That was a wonderful opportunity to step in deeper by stepping outside of the norm.  (I appreciate the images and reflections Sharon Butler has shared about her time spent in her Beacon Habitat during the same period, which I gather was equally beneficial to her.)
Anyway, these drawings are meaningful to me as many of them crystallized elements that I've since been exploring more fully, and I think they're rather successful as drawings.  So here's your chance to lay claim to a bit of my working process, while at the same time supporting two interesting causes:  HFA and Me.

  Depletion Drawing 26, 2008

There are a couple fundraising benefits coming up in which I'm participating, and in which one could find some great small pieces created by a variety of artists, all at a very easy sum of dough:

rococollage, 6x6" oil on canvas with printed paper collage.

The Rochester Contemporary Art Center in Rochester, NY is hosting its fourth (I think) 6x6x20 benefit starting on June 5, 2010. Thousands of 6"x6" artworks are available to purchase for $20. Works will be available to purchase online through RoCo's website beginning on June 7 at 10 am. 

On June 5, here in Beacon, the Beacon Open Studios Big Draw event will be taking place at the Marion Royeal Gallery at 462 Main St to raise funds for the city wide open studio weekend in September.
 smoken words, 6x8" marker and oil on white board.

I'll be submitting a couple of selections from a recent group of white board drawings, a few of which are pictured here.  I don't know which ones I'll actually submit for the event, and if I do submit any of the ones pictured, I don't know that they'll look the same by that point.

THENTHAN, 6x8" marker on white board.

some trees 6x8" marker, collage on white board

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