Sunday, January 03, 2010

November 2009 in Denver: Staged @ Michele Mosko Fine Art and Jessica Stockholder/John McEnroe at Robischon

Angelika Rinnhofer's Varsity I and Varsity V

On November 14 while in Denver,  I served as Angelika's proxy at the opening reception of Staged, a group exhibit in which two photographs from her Varsity series are on view through Jan 9 at Michele Mosko Fine Art.  Poor planning on my part thwarted my intention of carrying around a lifesize photograph of Angelika on a broom handle to get some papparazzi photos of the artist with reception attendees.

From that show Marc Willhite and I made our way to Robischon Gallery for the opening of exhibits by Jessica Stockholder, and John McEnroe.
Stockholder's offering included two sculptural pieces and some half dozen high keyed, dimensional and often furry "monoprints".  Rich and wild and totally refreshing was how this exhibit felt.  The nuances of texture and the effect of the compression of the various layers in each piece simply don't translate in photos - but here are a few for your perusal.  The gallery website has images of all the artwork in the exhibit.

Marc checking out Two Frames, Swiss Cheese Field 36, and Swiss Cheese Field 14

Jessica Stockholder, Untitled

Jessica Stockholder, Swiss Cheese Field 18

Jessica Stockholder, (l-r) Swiss Cheese Field 14, Swiss Cheese Field 20, Swiss Cheese Field 24

Jessica Stockholder, Swiss Cheese Field 20

Jessica Stockholder, Swiss Cheese Field 23

John McEnroe Untitled (Blue Red)

John McEnroe was represented by his pendent nylon forms as well as floor standing assemblages consisting of melted and burnt plastic toys. 
These exhibits at Robischon just closed on December 31.  Both artists are featured in the exhibit of installation called Embrace at the Denver Art Museum through April 4, 2010.

From Robischon, we stopped in to Marc's studio space in RiNo District and then on to Pints Pub to share a cheese and cracker plate.  I lived two blocks from Pints Pub for 6 yrs and had been in a couple times for drinks, but never knew about that cheese and cracker plate - I wish I had, it might have replaced my Friday afternoon happy hour buffet habit at the Church.

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