Monday, December 28, 2009

Forget Christmas in July. This is the Christmas in January Super Fine Art Giveaway!!


I was inspired by the packages of marshallow candies Meine Frau Noodle purchased to send off to family in Germany to use the discarded boxes as frames for small paintings.

 Ribbons & Stitches

I created a series of acrylic on masonite paintings (6"x9") that would be framed by the candy boxes. I liked the paintings, but wasn't crazy with what was going on with the interaction of paint and package. So I made another set using pieces of drywall on which I incised in places and painted with acrylic.

Reindeer Garland

I'm giving away seven of the eight paintings you see here by random drawing to fans of my Facebook Page.  (The candy cane piece at top is already going to my mom.)  There aren't that many fans of the page, so your chance of getting something is pretty darn good.  So if you'd like a chance to start the new year with a little reward, visit the page and become a fan by Jan 3, 2010.  I'll conduct the drawing and notify the lucky winners on Jan 4.

Green Zip

Think about it.  You deserve a treat.  Christmas is over, what do you have to look forward to now?.....A little sweet something arriving in the mail from yours truly, That's What!!

Marshmallow 1



Marshmallow 2

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